Family Songs

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  1. A Father's Dream
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  2. A Boy Named Jack
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  3. Seven Grandchildren For Grampa Paul
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  4. Believe In Yourself
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  5. A Lover's Dream - Personalized Version
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Song descriptions

  1. A FATHER’S DREAM A father reminiscing about the good times and the chaos and the love of his children growing up and how quickly that time comes and goes.
  2. A BOY NAMED JACK At the time that I was really getting into songwriting my wife and I did a lot of babysitting for our youngest grandson Jack. He was and is amazing and this song is about him.
  3. SEVEN GRANDCHILDREN FOR GRANDPA PAUL Because I also have 6 other amazing grandchildren and love them all dearly, I wrote this song in praise of each and every one of them and what they were like at the time.
  4. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF This song puts to music some of the values that I try  to impress on my children and grandchildren.  Values that I would like all young people to hear.
  5. A LOVER'S DREAM - PERSONALIZED VERSION This is a personalized version of "A Lover's Dream" devoted to my wife and my memories of our lifelong relationship. (See Video)

Album Reviews

This album is full of some great original tunes and some standards. Great to listen to!JONH SMITH - ROCKING STONE